Eric Feig Entertainment & Media Law, Inc. is a new breed of transactional entertainment law firm dedicated to protecting its clients’ interests with two underlying principles; integrity and creativity. At Feig Law, we understand that every client’s legal and business needs are unique, and a personalized concierge approach is provided. We offer creative fee structures including reduced sliding scale percentages, hourly and flat fee arrangements. Feig Law specializes in the areas of film, television, new media, licensing and book publishing.  We represent a wide variety of writers, actors, directors, producers, and production, vfx and management companies in the film, television, in internet, and book businesses.  Attorneys at Feig Law are licensed in California and New York. 

Mission Statement

Our team provides concierge level services and representation, advocacy, consultation and strategic planning to creative clients and entertainment industry professionals and businesses. An alternative to traditional firms, we offer a more flexible and creative approach to fee structures that are grounded in fairness and an integrity-driven and artist-friendly philosophy.  Our approach is to be dealmakers, not deal breakers. We always put our clients’ interests first, not our own egos or pockets. We are responsive, do not over commit and under deliver and experienced attorneys service our clients, not junior lawyers, or paralegals.